Tranquili-Tea and Yoga

Where tea and yoga meet to bring you Nirvana in a cup

Welcome, friend. Chances are, if you’ve landed here, you already have a passion for either yoga or tea- but what we’re here to explore, is the powerful ritual that is both tea and yoga. For centuries, these elements have been practiced for their soothing and healing nature, and often seen as an escape from the overwhelming aspects of life.

So, have you ever wondered what makes these two a perfect pair?

The Journey to A Healthier You

Whether you join a studio or practice in your living room, yoga is sure to make a positive impact in your life. Those who choose to practice yoga often have a goal of relieving tension or making a positive health change. Yoga has the ability to heal our bodies in a multitude of ways, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Stress relief
  • Increased flexibility & balance
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Reduced inflammation & chronic pain
  • An overall enhanced quality of life

It is not uncommon for yoga studios to offer participants tea after a session. Why is that? Well, just as yoga has the power to restore, so does tea. Often a daily ritual for many around the world, tea has been known to aid in weight loss, heart health, stress relief, and immunity, as well as fight against diseases such as diabetes and cancer. By combining yoga and tea benefits, you bring a sense of harmony to the body on a physical and spiritual level (and may we add, quite an enjoyable experience in the hectic world we live in).

A Match Made in Nirvana

By now you may be wondering whether there is a right type of yoga/tea combo out there for you. At QuikTea, we put together a few suggestions you might find appealing for tea after yoga- and sometimes even before!

Take It Slow: If you’re looking for a restorative style yoga to help relax and destress, try making yourself a cup of lemongrass, cardamom or green tea to wind down for the day.

Health-Tea Living: When taking part in an invigorating Vinyasa class or some heart-healthy Power Yoga, go ahead and pair your practice with a black tea for energy before or after.

Hot & Steamy: You’ve just come from hot yoga and are looking to refresh and cool down, which is why we suggest a mint flavored tea, as the menthol helps trigger a mild cooling sensation throughout the body.

Focus Potion: If meditation is on your to-do list, continue your sense of stillness and improved focus by sipping on the ever-popular green tea– plus a touch of lemon never hurts!